Industrial Ecology
Life Cycle Assessment

Prof. Dara O’Rourke
Dr. Gregory A. Norris
Massachusetts Institute of Technology's environmental commitment includes the green building policy of obtaining LEED Silver
certification for all new facilities on campus.  In applying LEEDs principles to the design and conception of the East Campus Project,
information beyond the cost vector of component design is required.  In response to this need - the need to assess environmental,
human, and cultural elements of the design of the East Campus Project -  a team of graduate students at MIT conducted the work
presented herein.  A generalized
methodology for assessing the non-cost factors of building design in a holistic, systems oriented
approach is presented, making use of Life Cycle Assessment & mapped to LEEDs categories.  Using this framework, four case
studies of individual system elements of the East Campus Project are reviewed and assessed: alternative water treatment, steel vs.
concrete superstructure, hybrid natural ventilation, and adapative reuse.  The resulting analysis provides information to key
decision-makers for MIT's East Campus Project to use in ensuing dialogue.
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