Concept Car
  w/ GM & Frank O. Gehry
Lightweight Electronic Social Hull.
Six Point Safety Air Bag.
View Inside Controls
Gentle Congestion Theory.
Significantly the urban soft car is further meant to act as a social guide to the city.  Think of it as a kind of
contemporary Roy Rogers and Trigger (his trusty astute horse) relationship.  Equally, the soft car (with
on-board intel) is intended to share the streetscape and support interaction with the local denizens.  It is
a slow-motion vehicle anticipating the presence of surrounding bodies, not just its’ operator.  
Imagine a city street as a place of pleasured motion, elective and free for all occupants.  Softer cars
support a social theory of gentle congestion, with “on-the-fly� transfers, and veritable encounters
between users and neighbors.  Traffic in the realm of the soft car thus becomes a desire not a concern.  
In this case the streets evolve into a flowing culture of leisure meeting spaces blending the constant of
Other critical aspects of the design integrate reconfigurable Air Bladder seating (six point safety air bag),
GM AUTOnomy  "skateboard" chassis, organic LED clusters, E-Tinting, Social Projecting, Hubless
Wheels and Drive-by-Wire systems.  All of these features are comprised to reveal the intense re-thinking
of the city vehicle.  The ultimate goal is to proffer a car that is predicated on ecological accountability.  If
the invention of the automobile and its ensuing use has depleted the health of the planet, then mitigating
solutions are a colossal obligation.  One such example is a car that scrubs the air of pollutions it
previously caused. This concept car needs do no further damage (less harmful alternatives still
contribute to the problem) and actually begin repairing the damage already done.  An ecologically salient
vehicle can fit into its’ urban context and value the need for all life to breath.
E-Tint Moving Skin.
Project credits: Mitchell Joachim & Yanni Loukissas
Omni-Directional Drive Sys.