Concept Car
  w/ GM & Frank O. Gehry
Hanging System for Storage + Parking.
Composite Outboard Structure
Protects the Soft Inflatable
Passenger Compartment.
This project comprises the
design and build of a concept car
which re-invents the car as a
designed object, and redefines
the user's relationship to the car
and to the city. To take the design
process "out of the box," the
prototype will be designed from a
new perspective: that of
architecture. The project was led
by architect Frank O. Gehry and
General Motors. The final show
car will be presented at MIT.
Flexible Full Body Suspension Protects from Multiple Points
of Impact and Provides Rider Comfort.
Omni Directional
Movement in Hub-less
Wheels.  Drive by Wire
Intel and Electronic
Controllable Skin.
Project credits: Mitchell Joachim, Patrik Kunzler, Axel Kilian, Robyn Allen, Louis Basel, Raul-David Poblano.