Concept Car
  w/ GM & Frank O. Gehry
Lightweight Pneumatic Skin System.
Sketch of Expansion Membrane.
This urban car design is vitally based on the reduction
of body weight via an expandable pneumatic foil and
foam enclosure.  The materials normally composing
the outer body of the typical car are 44% of the entire
mass of the vehicle.  Reducing the mass thus
increases fuel efficiency and acutely lowers the
ecological footprint.  A concept utilizing a pneumatic
air bladder envelope dramatically achieves this
weight reduction.  This vehicle design replaces most
upper chassis and body components with
pressurized struts, foam, ETFE foil (Ethylene
Tetrafluoroethylene), and sparse recyclable metal
mesh reinforcing.  The intention is to homogenize soft
material usage, increase manufacturability, and
design for dis-assembly.  By making car bodies softer
an effective green design signal is unleashed.  In the
life cycle of a car, transporting lighter materials to
produce, maintain, and reuse benefits its every
purpose from cradle to cradle.